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Whenever you graduate from university, you must enter the manufacturing industry. Every developed country has developed through manufacturing. This is the best way to create employment opportunities for many people and spread national wealth.


Currently, many factories are withdrawing from China. They did not come to India, but went to places such as Vietnam and Bangladesh, where they brought great prosperity.


If smart Indian students enter the manufacturing industry - work for factories and set up their own factories, we can bring them to India. This is the best way for you to contribute to India.



You cannot turn the situation around, this is the truth I must tell you.


You are already 17 years old, and at the beginning of your life, you cannot waste your time feeling inferior because India is inferior to China. This is of no use. At the age of 63, when you don't have anything better to do - you can feel angry about our leaders and our inefficiency, vent your frustration and anger, but at the age of 17- don't do that.


Here are some tips:


Take yourself as the center, then your family, and then the country. You must prioritize your happiness and the happiness of your family before your country.


You must focus on your life. You must reach a stage where your life becomes comfortable and independent. To achieve this, you need to work hard and do your job wisely.


You must ensure that you are not brainwashed by the propaganda of various organizations in India, such as the Liberal Party or the right-wing propaganda party. You must develop your personal thoughts.


Always draw a clear line between patriotism and populism. Never be satisfied with being mediocre as a consumer who spends money.


Never feel discouraged about the current state of the country. You are too young to get into trouble. Do your job well, enjoy yourself, watch movies, make friends, travel by bike, and enjoy life.


If you find that leaving this country can help you live a better life, pack your bags and leave. Don't care about anyone who uses the word patriotism to kidnap you.


If you stay in India, do something productive and rewarding. Ensure that your life is successful. Don't worry about India or China or all of these politics, except as a temporary benefit. Don't get hurt or get into trouble. You are too young.


Actually, what can you do to ensure that India becomes like China?


You can write a science fiction novel about how India turned weak into strong by discovering an ancient metal, becoming the world's greatest superpower. You can also write a science fiction novel about how India reached an agreement with an alien race to acquire their technology with 300 million slaves and use this technology to become an advanced civilization. Alternatively, you can speak freely and ensure that you express honest opinions about India and its products without worrying about people questioning your 'patriotism'.



If you are only 17 years old, then your entire life and career are ahead. Instead of worrying about China, India, Russia, Modi, Putin, Biden, and all these negative factors, I suggest you do the following:


Deactivate the use of your social media account. All of these - Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, YouChat. These things are useless except for wasting your energy.


Concentrate on taking college exams. They are an important stage in your life. Very important. At least in this regard, we need to strive to become the best in the school.


Join a good university that interests you. Engineering, art, and medicine are all irrelevant, so don't miss any professional courses.


Exercise for the next 4-6 years. Try not to default on any payments. By the way, I have retained two outstanding debts but paid them off within the next semester, but this is still a stain.


Find a good job. It may be a manufacturing, IT, banking, or consulting company. Remember to pay taxes on time. Only when the proportion of taxpayers increases can India develop.


• Read the history of the Indian subcontinent to understand who we are and how we are formed today. Similarly, read books with paper and printing ink, rather than online versions.


Gradually, you will understand the history of India and China - their political systems, societies, and cultures - and you will know that we are not as bad as we imagine.


As a 17 year old child, it's not easy to achieve all of this - to keep negative emotions out of the way. The first two steps are usually the most difficult, and most people who want India to become a developed country have failed in the first two steps. But once you cross this level, it's relatively easy.



Firstly, you must treat your life sincerely: do not indulge in ordinary material life, pursue simple daily activities and fun, and do something greater for your country.


The state has no obligation to provide for or take care of you. Have you done anything important for the country? Do you pay taxes? Not so, why must the country provide you with what you want. Then, first of all, dispel your thoughts. If you love your country, it will love you. If you want to do something for your country, it's out of selflessness, not because you want to repay.


I have read other people's answers and I just want to say one thing: greed and selfishness will devour the foundation of this country. People say there's no need to worry, and the country will take care of itself. No, sir, this is not how the country operates. The reason why soldiers fighting at the border do not do so is because they are taking care of themselves. They did this for the sake of the country.


The reason why India is poor is not because of the poor, but because there are such traitors and greedy people in higher positions. Individualism is not feasible in poor countries. China has not paved the way for prosperity by allowing everyone to make a living on their own. There is something called national consciousness.



You tell me that if there are problems in your family, you will work hard to improve the situation, or abandon them like a coward and join another family. Didn't China also experience poverty before? But have they ever given up?


Empires like Mauryans and Guptas are not out of thin air. Our ancestors sacrificed their blood and sweat, giving us something to be proud of.


In the grand plans of history, a century is nothing. Won't our era be ignored like many medieval kingdoms? As our descendants learn this shameful chapter in Indian history, their Chinese and European counterparts will learn about the golden age of modern China and Europe. When our descendants discuss the 20th to 21st century with their Chinese and European friends, won't they feel ashamed of us and curse us for being weak? Do you really want to see such an anti utopian future?


We are indeed not on the same level as Europeans or Chinese, but if we never strive to improve ourselves and let nature take its course, this curse of becoming slaves will plague our descendants for thousands of years


But guess what, my compatriots have little interest in working hard for a better future. They are more interested in eating, sleeping, reproducing, and dying, just like anonymous insects. They no longer have any dignity. They are willing to become slaves to Chinese and European people and be trampled upon by outsiders. Although you may not like it, your ethnic identity will always accompany you wherever you go. If your country is very poor, please be prepared to face racism and discrimination.


Nevertheless, I seem to have said too much here. Let's continue discussing the question you asked.


Since you are a student, your primary goal should be to obtain a degree that is at least above average. Bad students cannot truly become good reformers. This country should let highly educated and talented people take the helm, not mediocre people.


Now, because you want to 'bring change' instead of 'do something for the country', I will exclude military or other services, although they require sacrifice, but these services will not really have a significant impact. Of course, what a developing country needs the most is intellectuals.


I can currently think of five reforms that, if played correctly, will truly have a huge impact on the country.


1. Political reform - This is the most powerful reform, but it also requires serious efforts. It refers to changing the political landscape of a country.


2. Industrial reform - this is the second most influential reform. This requires you to establish a large industrial conglomerate like Tata and Reliance, and change the industrial landscape of this country. You can also use your money to adjust the political situation based on your sudden whims.


3. Bureaucracy and Judicial Reform - This reform will include reforms within the administrative system, just like TN Sheshan, who thoroughly reformed the election process. Although bureaucrats and judicial institutions do not have as much power as politicians, they are indeed more capable of exercising power than ordinary people. This power can be used to better change India's administrative and judicial systems, laying the foundation for a brighter India.

3.官僚主义和司法改革——这项改革将包括在行政系统内部进行改革,就像TN Sheshan一样,他彻底改革了选举程序。官僚和司法机构虽然没有政治家那么高的权力,但他们确实比普通人更能行使权力。这种权力可以用来更好地改变印度的行政和司法制度,为更光明的印度奠定基础。

4. Scientific Reform - This reform includes any groundbreaking scientific discoveries and the promotion of scientific thinking. Nowadays, India lags behind the entire developed country in terms of science and technology, and has to import many advanced scientific components. If we could let them build it ourselves, it would be a very good thing.


5. Social Reformation - This reform aims to eliminate the stigma of marginalized people, help them enter the mainstream society, abolish religion and social customs, empower women, and promote tolerance among all social strata.


Now, the question is how to achieve these goals? Let me break it down for you.


Step 1: Be a student above average and strive to improve your intelligence and logical abilities as much as possible. Observe, observe, observe, but do not take action now. Read books, newspapers, etc. to understand what is happening around people. Enter the smart circle of classmates. Don't be swayed by any propaganda, only by learning from various aspects can you form your own viewpoint. Refine yourself, your personality, communication and leadership skills, etc.


Step 2: Enter a good university. Now, why do I emphasize 'good universities'? It's because if you get into a good university, it will expose you to higher social classes and help you establish connections with future administrators, politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, artists, scientists, police officers, etc. This may be crucial in some cases.


Nowadays, even if you cannot enter a good university, you should try to establish connections through social media. Even on Quora, you can find many people who have the ability to make it bigger. Find them and become friends with them. This can fill the vacuum caused by the lack of good universities. However, yes, becoming a smart student is indispensable.


Step 3: Do not enter student politics in university and try to avoid it as much as possible until you can gain strong support or are confident of achieving success on the national stage. College politics will ruin your studies, and it is highly likely that you will eventually become an infantry soldier for a certain political party. Execution always exists, but I suggest you not take this path. But of course, you should try to establish connections with activists. This will prove beneficial in the future.


The entire blueprint for how to bring change to India is before you. You are free to take the path you think is suitable.



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