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We like Trump, and of course we like him.


This is not a lie or irony. Trump has caused many troubles to China, but if China wants to develop better, it will always have to face these troubles. Trump put these problems in front and gave early warning so that China could see its own shortcomings.


China has developed very fast in the past 20 years, so China has a strong nationalistic ideology, and some people even hold a very arrogant view of the world. Trump's trade war calmed these Chinese people and began to reflect and make progress, which made them realize that there are still many shortcomings.


Especially in mic 2025. China has a 2025 plan, but most of the time, Chinese people do not know what the focus of this plan is. Many plans seem too expensive to succeed, such as chip manufacturing. We don't know whether we want to develop our own chip manufacturing, because it will invest a lot of money and it is almost impossible to beat Intel or amd. Many people ask why we should develop chip manufacturing?


Trump used the trade war to tell the Chinese that if you don't have your own CPU, your company will be listed in the "entity list", and you have no choice.


Therefore, China is now very clear about the focus of the 2025 plan. Trump helped us make a list, and everything he opposed was the focus of our future development.


We may not be able to produce better and cheaper chips than Intel or AMD for the time being. But it doesn't matter. As long as we have chips, even if it's not so good, we won't be threatened by Trump.


This is Trump's best gift to us.


On the other hand, Trump is an interesting old man. We can learn about the life of the President of the United States from his Twitter every day, which is very interesting.


Although the United States is a free and open country, the president's life and national policies are also confidential, and it is difficult for ordinary people to access it. Now Trump has turned everything into a daily program, which is very interesting.



Is it? I got the impression that many people were laughing at how he made China great again.


There is a joking nickname, Chuan Jianguo川建國. For him, it means "Trump is the builder of the country" (of course, it means building China)


In fact, in some ways, Chinese people do not hate Trump. In fact, while Trump was still competing with Hillary, the Chinese were one of the few groups who correctly predicted that Trump would win the general election without feeling lucky.


Those who are spoiled by American-style democracy may find it difficult to understand why the Chinese believe Trump will win, and somehow, they are like this crazy man.


The reason is that the Chinese people see the characteristics that the president should have. Trump is not naive. He knows what is good for the people (and dare to implement it. Most politicians see it clearly, but behave like cowards). Examples of solids include building slab walls. As a Chinese, I really don't understand why many Americans don't like this decision. Illegal immigrants and immigrants will only bring unpredictable and chaos to your society. Refugees use the resources produced by legal American citizens, and some uneducated people are more likely to harm the community. If they really do such things, I have heard the news that many citizens complain to the government about environmental insecurity.


You need a leader who dares to do the right thing, even if these movements may make some people unhappy. I have to say again, "You can't make everyone happy, you can't ask everyone to understand you, because some of them are not human"


Especially for those who haven't finished college, they always think they are smarter than Trump


Although Trump is a president with Chinese characteristics, he is the president of the United States. He considers his people rather than the Chinese people. Inevitably, the two countries will compete for the limited resources of the earth and the advantage of technology.


Obviously, these features we like will also become weapons to compete with us. He did many things to reclaim the rights of his people, which inevitably caused damage to China, such as ZTE, the trade war, and now Huawei.


In short, we like his characteristics, but we don't like what he has done to us recently. But China and the United States are two countries on the same planet. We can understand that this is inevitable. this is it.


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No, as a Chinese, I like this person. The reasons are as follows:


1. From our perspective, the President of the United States is always a hypocrite. But unlike his predecessor, Trump is not a hypocrite, but a real villain, easier to deal with and more aboveboard. As long as you pay the price and bargain, don't disguise the so-called human rights, democracy and freedom. We really don't care. Compared with hypocrites, Chinese people prefer aboveboard villains.


2. For Americans, Trump is racist, white supremacist and anti-political correct. These roles are not popular. But in China, we don't care. Most Chinese are right-wing. If someone in China shouts "China first", I believe he will get broad support. More importantly, although Trump was cursed by so many Americans, he was still elected, which exposed the hypocrisy of the United States.


This is controversial. Some people say that Americans have different views on him. But in international politics, we always regard a country as a whole. It doesn't matter whether you support your president or not. We are concerned about the relationship between the United States and China. The United States cannot be friendly to China, but it will also be hostile to China. As I said, as a Chinese, I have my position.


3. In the competition between the United States and China, allies play an important role. But what Trump has done is to push allies away from the United States itself, which is easier for China to deal with. Most of us believe that it will be more difficult for China if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is elected president.


4. What's important is that this guy is very interesting. I really like watching his Twitter. Fortunately, he is not our president.


I really like this guy.



1. The Chinese people appreciate Trump's straightforwardness. The contrast between him and Hillary Clinton's affectation has won favor in the Chinese public opinion field during the election campaign. This person may be stubborn, but he is not Yin, many Chinese people think so.


2. Trump's "America first" complex is very serious, but he also seems to be a pragmatist in China policy. He is not interested in ideological diplomacy. So far, he has not pestered China with such messy things as "human rights", which allows Sino-US relations to focus on the cooperative handling of substantive issues.


3. His family is a major plus factor. The success of his children is attractive to Chinese young people. Ivanka and Kushna's public relations with China have also played a good role. The reading of Tang poems and singing of Chinese songs by the little granddaughter especially brought the Trump family closer to the Chinese society. People transferred their love for the family to Trump.


4. Trump's rebellious performance as a star and businessman, as well as his current alternative style, also attracted a lot of good feelings. He can stand the "blackness" very well, and the sarcasm of him often has the additional effect of adding powder to him at the same time.


5. Trump's "focus on the economy" and attention to people's livelihood have also left a deep impression on the Chinese public. People think that he is very pragmatic.

5、特朗普“抓经济”,关注民生,也给中国公众留下深刻印象。大家觉得他这一点很务实。。” 阅读原文

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