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Japan has no right to wage any war. They were defeated in World War II and were therefore controlled by the United States. Their constitution forbids them to have military power, and their defense right is in the hands of the United States. Their existing military force is only used for internal defense purposes. Their factories can no longer produce offensive war weapons, and if they are found capable, they will be investigated and even abolished.


Japan cannot defeat China at all now. Think with your normal rather than emotional mind; How can a country with only 1/10 of China's population win a war in China with 1.3 billion people, who are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Just think clearly and don't daydream with any emotion.


Even during the Sino-Japanese War, Japan could not fully control China. They managed to bring their troops into China, but they suffered heavy losses and some of them returned home in confusion. Japan entered the coastal areas of China from the north, about 400 kilometers inland, and was often rejected by the Chinese army. Most Japanese troops were later ambushed and killed in retaliatory attacks. About 2/3 of the 3 million troops were killed in the Chinese battlefield. After the surrender in 1945, only 1 million people were sent back to Japan. The Chinese army is good at guerrilla tactics. Their war strategy is protracted war, like the Stalin-Soviet War. If the war continues, the Japanese army will be destroyed.


On the other hand, please rest assured that China will not invade Japan, because it violates their basic rules and principles, and Japan may not be subject to a worrying attack.


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If you haven't realized that Chinese people mainly consume Japanese products for both sexes. Japan has successfully defeated the Chinese market through gender industry.


But if you are talking about war, the situation is completely different. The Chinese will encourage the Japanese to try again, because when asked "Can revenge be done after nine generations?" Confucius said: "Even after a hundred years, if they have not corrected their mistakes, they can still revenge! (Although it is possible for a hundred generations!)" Considering the political power of the Japanese war crime deniers, they have not changed their minds. If the Japanese decide to launch a war, it doesn't matter whether the Japanese pirate culture returns to their pirate way. As long as Japan insists on attacking China, China will go all out to deal with the war.


Our ancestors had almost nothing to fight with, and were still so civilized in the face of Japanese crimes that we conveyed abandoned Japanese children to IJA lines via relays of neutral villages. When asked, the reason given was “we are not barbarians”. What makes you think that the Huaxia people have degenerated in the last 75 years?


On the first day Japan declares war on China, the CCP (China’s Communist Party, note the difference between possessive and adjective!) jumps on the news and asks if they are joking. Two days if it’s April Fools’ Day. All Japanese in China are secured immediately by the Chinese police to prevent any lynchings.


Depending on magnitude of hostile actions, on the second or third day the Chinese people are informed of the state of war by state media, but everyone already knows due to VPN use.


By the end of the first week China has to tell a hundred million volunteers swarming recruitment stations to stand down.


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The military power gap is not large enough to predict who can win.


Generally, Japan has a weaker military compared with China. However, Japan has advanced industry system. They can convert them into military factory once involved in War. And the navy of Japan can not be underestimated. Japan has enough potential ability to win a single battle on the sea.


However, we should also be aware that this winning must have certain pre-conditions.


USA don’t get involve.


No nuclear weapon.


Only in a single battle not a war to conquer each other.


In recent years, China's military strength, especially its navy, has greatly increased. However, smart old people never underestimate Japan's threat.



If nuclear war is not considered, No country can defeat China alone, even US.


Many people always ignore the role of industrial capabilities on military forces.


In the industrial age, unless you can conquer a country with blitz, you can't defeat your opponents whose industrial strength is stronger than yours.


You can refer to the Pacific War


Comparison of US and Japanese navies before the Pacific War


US美: BB17 CV8 CA18 CL19 DD165 SS106

JP日:BB10 CV10 CA18 CL20 DD112 SS75

It's not a big gap, right? At that time, the top level of the Japanese army also thought so. So they decided to raid Pearl Harbor.


Then what happened during the whole war? The two countries worked hard to produce more warships in an attempt to defeat each other


Japan produced in 4 years:


BB2 CV17 CA/CAL9 DD63 SS147

but US:


BB10 CV131 CA/CAL48 DD355 SS203

Far more than Japan many times



At the end of the Pacific War,Japan has less military power and more enemies. the size of the U.S. fleet was several times larger than before the war and larger than the total of navies of other countries in the world.


This is the strength of America as the largest industrial country in the 20th century. As long as it decides to wage an all-out war, it can concentrate the industry of the whole country to produce weapons,Paper data on military strength no longer makes sense.


China is the largest industrial country in the 21st century. You can imagine what speed it will produce weapons if she is invaded :)


Of course, nuclear war is another matter. Each country keeps its number of nuclear warheads confidential, and its projection and interception capabilities are difficult to judge. Therefore, it is meaningless to consider nuclear war.


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Japan, as a defeated country in World War II, has no military in strict sense, but it still retains a self-defense force. As a defense force, it has no right of engagement. They are strictly prohibited from possessing offensive weapons such as ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.


Although it has many restrictions and is willing to become a vassal of the United States, Japan is also trying to break through these restrictions under the indulgence of the United States. For example, Japan could only defend its own place, but now its defense scope has expanded to its allies. If its allies are in a state of war, Japan's self-defense force is allowed to defend its allies; For example, at the end of 2021, Japanese media reported that Japan was planning to upgrade its cruise missile strike capability, with a range of more than 1000 kilometers, so as to have a preemptive strike capability.


The famous US military website "Global Firepower" also ranks Japan's military strength in the fifth place. Before Britain and France, this also explains Japan's current military strength from the side, while China's military strength is ranked in the third place. Everyone knows that China's military strength is stronger than that of Japan, but Japan cannot be underestimated.


Japan is the weapon equipment of the United States, and its technical performance represents the highest level of weapons in the world. More importantly, it can be supported by the huge military industrial capability of the United States during the war, and can timely supplement the war damage and restore the combat power.


Japan's sea and air combat capability is perfect. There are not only eight Aegis class destroyers, which are perfectly responsible for battlefield air defense operations, but also dozens of P3C anti-submarine fighters. No submarine can dive into the operational waters controlled by Japan, and Japan's own underwater combat capability is also very strong. The Canglong class submarine has a first-class level of silence, and its anti-submarine anti-ship strategy is fierce. At present, no country in the world has the ability to detect its navigation trace, Can avoid its attack.


The Japanese devils are even more cunning. In the name of providing landing combat support to the United States, bypassing the restrictions of the Peace Constitution, they secretly built six "amphibious assault ships" that can be used for F35 vertical takeoff and landing. Their maritime system, sea and ground combat capabilities are no less than those of Asian countries.


Japan's air force is even better. Early warning aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft are installed in batches. The hundreds of air and ground integrated F35 that will be fully put into place is a godlike existence in Asia; The most powerful thing is that it can take off and land vertically and is not afraid of being pulled out of the "chicken nest". More importantly, it can get the comprehensive support of the United States' intelligence network and data link, which is the only one in the world with the supporting ability of the United States to prepare such a complete combat system, which is particularly powerful.

日本的空军更牛。预警机、电子战飞机都是成批成批的列装。即将全部到位的数百架空地一体的F35,在亚洲就是神一般的存在;最厉害的是,它能垂直起降,不怕被掏了"鸡窝"。更重要的是,它能得到美国上天入地、指哪打哪的情报网、数据链的全面支持,世界上只有美国备这种完整作战体系的配套能力,自然特别特别的厉害。 阅读原文

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